MariaDB training builds database skills

Designed for DBAs, IT professionals and application developers, our training is created and delivered by the team of database experts who built MariaDB. With a variety of options from online training to on-site classes at your facility, participants learn how to implement and manage MariaDB, build applications, improve database performance, ensure high availability and manage complex tasks like clustering.

Training Courses

High-quality, in-depth and up-to-date material and labs enable you to quickly put your new database skills into practice in your own environment. All MariaDB training includes formal lecture time covering the latest releases, training presentation copy and hands-on lab exercises.

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MariaDB Standard DBA

Teaches the essentials of DBA tasks, and extends administration skills. Besides concepts, essential tools, and optimal use of resources, you’ll thoroughly review core administrative tasks: backups and restoration, monitoring and maintaining databases, and user security.

Level: Basic
Course duration: 3 days

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MariaDB Cluster

Covers everything you need to set up and run a highly available, multi-master cluster using MariaDB Cluster. We’ll train you in the basics of MariaDB Cluster architecture and functionality, as well as more advanced techniques for configuring and administering a MariaDB Cluster.

Level: Intermediate
Course duration: 2 days

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MariaDB MaxScale

Teaches DBAs how to set up and use MariaDB MaxScale to manage a cluster of database servers. You’ll see how to split database traffic between servers, automatically manage database failover, and stream large amounts of data to other applications using MaxScale.

Level: Intermediate
Course duration: 2 days

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Types of Training

MariaDB training courses are delivered in a variety of formats, so you can find the training that works best for your schedule and how you prefer to learn:

  • Public Online Training
    Public Online Training

    Regularly scheduled live, online, instructor-led database training for DBAs, IT professionals and developers

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  • Private Online Training
    Private Online Training

    Private database training for your company – live online; instructor-led

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  • On-Site Training
    On-Site Training

    Instructor-led database training delivered on-premises at your office

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Why MariaDB?

Secure enterprise-class database with authentication, monitoring and encryption essential to a modern architecture and a wide array of applications.


Flexible deployment model supporting hybrid IT and easy deployment of MariaDB in the most popular cloud environments, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Wildly popular open source high-performance database?delivering the high availability and scalability global enterprises need.


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