The ultimate MariaDB cloud

SkySQL is the first and only database-as-a-service (DBaaS) to bring the full power of MariaDB Platform to the cloud, combining powerful enterprise features and world-class support with unrivaled ease of use and groundbreaking innovation. Built for mission-critical applications and enterprise governance, SkySQL augments automation with the human expertise and experience needed to support and manage mission-critical deployments in the cloud – whether it’s a single development database or thousands of production databases.

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One service, any workload

SkySQL provides customers with a single solution for all of their database needs, removing the need to use separate database and data warehouse services (e.g., Amazon RDS + Amazon Redshift/Snowflake), and the cost and complexity of doing so – all while providing a new generation of modern applications with fast transactions and real-time analytics.


Deploy a cloud database for transaction processing with persistent storage, replication, read load balancing and read/write splitting all configured out of the box and ready to go.

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Deploy a cloud data warehouse for ad hoc, interactive analytics on billions of rows with data stored in a columnar format on low-cost object storage and massively parallel processing.

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Deploy a cloud database for smart transaction processing, adding real-time analytical queries to transactions, with row data stored on persistent SSDs and columnar on object storage.

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The cloud, your way

SkySQL is built on a state-of-the-art, cloud-agnostic foundation in order to provide customers with a future-proof database platform and the freedom to pursue a cloud strategy that best meets their needs, whether it’s hybrid or multi-cloud, a conflict of interest with Amazon or the desire to maintain choice and pursue lower costs.

MariaDB Platform

SkySQL is the first DBaaS to support hybrid transactional/analytical processing and mission-critical workloads with MariaDB Enterprise Server, MariaDB ColumnStore and MariaDB MaxScale.


SkySQL is the first DBaaS to run MariaDB Platform on Kubernetes, laying a foundation for multi-cloud deployments and enabling features such as regional clustering and self-healing.


SkySQL is the first DBaaS to harness the inventory and workflow management capabilities of ServiceNow to create a portal for consolidated database administration – ITSM for DBaaS.

Maximum protection

SkySQL was built from the ground up to protect customer databases running on public cloud infrastructure, going above and beyond standard security measures to eliminate potential vulnerabilities, minimize the attack surface and enforce strict access protocols. In doing so, SkySQL created a reference cloud security architecture based on compartmentalization, isolation and indirect access. There is no safer place for a cloud database than SkySQL.

Mission-critical for all

SkySQL makes it easy for anyone and everyone to deploy production databases for mission-critical applications running in the cloud. It is the first and only DBaaS to bring all of the enterprise features and capabilities of MariaDB Platform to the cloud – the same features on-premises customers rely on for greater reliability, availability and scalability.

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server
    MariaDB Enterprise Server

    SkySQL deploys instances of MariaDB Enterprise Server, an enhanced, hardened and more secure version for greater reliability, stability and long-term support.

  • MariaDB MaxScale
    MariaDB MaxScale

    SkySQL fronts replicated databases with MariaDB MaxScale, providing applications with advanced features such as automatic failover, read load balancing and read/write splitting.

  • Pluggable storage
    Pluggable storage

    SkySQL databases have multiple storage engines, including general-purpose (InnoDB), write-optimized (MyRocks), sharded (Spider) and columnar (ColumnStore).

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From the source

SkySQL customers running in the cloud get the same world-class support and peace of mind as those running on premises – the same support the largest enterprises in the world turn to, and trust, to keep their businesses running when facing the demanding challenges and critical issues, and to help guide their long-term database strategies.

  • Technical support
    Technical support

    Backed by MariaDB database and support engineers, SkySQL customers get technical support they can rely on, knowing critical issues will be resolved – and quickly.

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  • Consultative support
    Consultative support

    SkySQL customers can get full consultative support, including best practices, guidelines and recommendations that can only come from years of real-world experience.

  • Database administration
    Database administration

    With decades of experience managing production databases, the cloud-certified SkyDBA team can provide full database administration if needed/preferred.

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Always up to date

SkySQL puts an end to worries about missing bug fixes and security patches, ensuring customers never get caught off guard by bugs and limitations resolved in previous releases. It is the first and only DBaaS to always offer the latest stable version of MariaDB Enterprise Server, never forcing anyone to run on a community version released years ago again.

  • Latest version
    Latest version

    SkySQL always makes the current version of MariaDB Enterprise Server available, currently 10.4, rather than forcing customers to run on versions released in past years.

  • Latest bug fixes
    Latest bug fixes

    SkySQL always adds maintenance releases as soon as they are available so customers never have to worry about missing critical bug fixes, security patches and improvements.

  • Latest features
    Latest features

    SkySQL always supports the latest version of MariaDB Enterprise Server, ensuring developers can take advantage of the latest features such as application-time period tables.

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It’s easy to get started with SkySQL, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Sign up for SkySQL today and get a $500 credit toward up to three databases of any size and any type (transactional, analytical or both).

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